Oak Tree Fundraising Referral Incentive Opportunity

*Have you ran a fundraiser with us in the past? Refer a NEW group & group leader that completes a fundraiser with us and we will send you a $25.00 Gift Card!

*Note: The new group must mention the referral and the group leader they were referred to us by. A "NEW" group is a group that has not run a fundraiser with Oak Tree Fundraising, LLC in the past 5 years.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

Group Leader Incentive

Sell 100 units more than your previous Oak Tree fundraiser total and earn a $40.00 gift card!


Anytime a group offers tangible incentives to it's sellers, the cost has to come out of the profit margin, thus taking away from the group's overall sale income. Below are a few ideas that your group can provide to the sellers for FREE or a very small cost. Oak Tree Fundraising always recommends a FREE or low cost option as the best deal!

Top Seller Incentives

No Homework Pass

First In Line For Lunch-1 week

Sit Where You Want Pass

Help With Daily Announcements

Extra Recess or Computer Time

Classroom Leader For The Day

Line Leader For The Day

Door Monitor For the Day

Free Movie or Library Pass

Free Individual Pizza Coupon

Free Dress Day

Choose Class Job For A Week

Special Pass To Leave Early

Lunch With Favorite Teacher or Principal

Group Incentives

Pizza, Popcorn, Ice Cream or Movie Party

Classroom vs Classroom Competition

Free Dress or Pajama Day

Chewing Gum In Class Day

Prize Incentives On Display In Hall or Front Office

Movie During Lunch

Play Catchy Song in Halls Until Goal Met

Duct Tape Principal To Wall

Color A Teacher/Principal Hair

Pie In The Face To Teacher/Principal

Teacher/Principal Dresses Up Funny

School Staff Sings Karaoke

Teacher or Principal Camps Out Overnight at School

Extra Recess For Class