Product Delivery Information


Oak Tree Fundraising, LLC services a fairly large territory. Please understand that your requested delivery date & time may not be available. We will do our best to accommodate but we may need to move your date or time to the next best option if there is another group already in the requested time slot. 


Free delivery is subject to minimum quantity ordered as previously set with your fundraiser confirmation. If your order is under the minimum quantity, we will auto add a delivery fee. If you would like to maintain free delivery, we offer the option of meeting us at a pre-arranged location for you to pick up your product. We will auto schedule and keep your requested date and time whenever possible. However, please be advised if you would like free delivery, we may request you to change the delivery date and/or time to insure we are able to do so. Often, we can schedule multiple groups in a similar area to keep all orders at free or a minimum fee delivery.

Please contact us directly for delivery fees and order minimums as they may vary by location.

We are unable to carry extra product with us during deliveries. Please make sure your invoice and orders are accurate. We would be happy to get you any additional product if needed, but you may be responsible for pick up in Salem.

Delivery Checklist

Coordinating a delivery and sorting numerous orders takes a good bit of organization but if you follow the instructions below we think you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be! We have listed recommendations below for supplies and prep. Please have set up completed at least 15-30 min prior to your scheduled delivery.

Supply Check List


-Long Tables (1-2 for orders of 400 or less)

-Long Tables (2-4 for orders of 400+)

-Paper Bags (Insulate Better Than Plastic)


-Order Forms & Order Tabulator


-Pens/Permanent Markers

-Coolers (If needed for late pick ups.)

-Freezer plan for no-shows/absentees.

Delivery Day Prep


  1. Set up an area with long tables end to end. 

  2. We will arrange your products by order flavor as listed on the order forms.

  3. Have your volunteers work in pairs. Have 1 read the order and the other pull the product and place in the paper bag or box.

  4. Have another 1 or 2 volunteers staple the order form to the paper bag or box and DOUBLE CHECK the order for accuracy. Important step as this is where errors are easily remedied.

  5. Sort completed orders alphabetically for easy pick up and distribution. 

  6. Remind your customers that the pastries may only be out of the freezer for 1 additional hour after they pick up their order. Recommend a cooler if possible.