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42% Profit on all products

All programs include FREE order forms, posters & the option for an online store unique to your group. We won't make you sign any contracts or pay any up front costs. 

7 Available Programs!

How does this fundraiser work?  

1. Sign Up-Sign Up for your fundraiser online by clicking on Sign Up Now! We will mail you FREE order forms & posters & email you the link for your online store!


2. Pass Out Forms & Send Out Your Online Store Link-Pass out the mailed order forms to your group & set goals! Hang up the provided          posters for advertisement. Send your link to everyone so they can easily purchase online.


3. Collect Forms-Collect all order forms and payments from participants. (Checks are made payable directly to your group or school account).


4. Tally-Use your personalized online Excel order calculator to tally your orders & track your profit.


5. Submit Order-Use the online order tabulator to easily upload your seller information directly to our program for a quick turn around time.


6. Delivery- delivery & set up! Our friendly delivery personnel will help assist you as long as you need us! 

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